Succeed in your professional project within your Group / firm 

You have decided to start a professional mobility journey and we thank you for your trust. This is your approach. Its purpose is to enable you to develop your professional project within your firm, in accordance with the internal market and your personal priorities. 

Our commitment

Keep in mind, building this professional project does not mean that you will get the targeted job. However, we can commit this journey will allow you to list your personal and professional assets, open you to professional leads, confront these tracks with the internal market, and give you all chances to make this project a reality.

Our references

This professional mobility journey, designed by Priscilla Chazot-Magdelaine, a graduated coach and author of the book "My Professional Path" by Dunod, will support your investigation work. It is neither exhaustive nor linear. 

One piece of advice, take the time and energy for this demanding work.

Involvement : the success of this course depends on it!

Our approach

As the platform is GDPR compliant, all data will remain confidential, and you can delete your journey at any time.

Each step offers series of thinking and spontaneous exercises. Be careful, once a step has been validated, you won’t be able to go back, however you will find each step summary in your printable profile.

A "chat" is at your disposal throughout the course to answer your questions. You can also send us an email at pcmagdelaine@akeen.fr. We commit to answer within 72 hours.

In "Collaborative perspective" step, we invite you to have a feedback on your Resume, your skills and job offers, through referrers chosen by you. Now, think about people of your professional network within your Group, who could answer a 10 minute feedback.

Let go and let yourself be guided by the platform ... Take breaks when you want, your journey is recorded automatically.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful reflection